8. Juli 2013

USA Part 2

10 Tage und 14 Stunden since leaving New Zealand 

Here is USA Part 2. We went to Beverly Hills, Hollywood Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard (Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre etc.), Mullhollandrive, Los Angeles Downtown and some more:)
It was an awesome time in America and I saw some great spots.... Here are the pictures, enjoy:
The 2.500 Star (Jennifer Lopez)
Church from the "Sister Act" Movies
"Waterworld" - Universal Studios
with any actor of waterworld...
And yes since yesterday Im home. Its awkward and wunderful at the same time... Cant believe that my whole exchange is over now and Im missing New Zealand but Im skyping my Hostfamily tomorrow and Im really looking forward to that. But I will write about coming home in the next couple of days and I will post some pictures. :-)
Bis dahin: Lots of love from home sweet home, Hamburg! <3

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  1. oha, das 7. bild von unten, wo du vor dem "hollywood" schriftzug sitzt ist so schöööööön!! <333